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Protecting Your Eyes On-the-Job: The Benefits of Safety Glasses

Your eyes are an invaluable asset, so proper protection should be a priority in the workplace. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 2,000 workers in the United States suffer job-related eye injuries each day, with some of these even resulting in a permanent loss of vision. Wearing safety glasses can help to reduce this risk, offering a range of key advantages.

What are Safety Glasses and How Do They Differ From Regular Glasses?

Safety glasses are significantly different from regular glasses, both in terms of materials and design. While regular glasses are typically made with a plastic called acetate, safety glasses use a special impact-resistant material similar to that used on airplane windshields. This material minimizes the risk of shattering and offers additional protection to the eyes.

Additionally, safety glasses often feature extended coverage. Rather than just protecting the eyes from objects coming from the front, they also have special side shields that protect the peripheral and temple areas. This comprehensive approach to eye protection also makes them a must for working with hazardous materials, particularly in industries like manufacturing, construction, and landscaping.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Safety Glasses?

Aside from the obvious advantage of extra protection, safety glasses can mean the difference between working in comfort and continued eye strain. Good-quality safety glasses come with adjustable frames and lenses, so they can be tailored precisely to the wearer’s needs. This helps to eliminate the risk of any irritation or discomfort that can be caused by ill-fitting glasses.

Safety glasses also come with the added convenience of prescription lenses. Optometrist Logan Kiekhafer explains:

“Safety glasses can be customized with prescriptions that give wearers the best vision possible, with added protection for their eyes.”

Where Can You Find Safety Glasses?

OSHA regulations mean that most employers must provide safety glasses for their employees, giving them all the protection they need during work hours. Safety glasses are also widely available in specialist stores and online, coming in a range of styles and designs. They are usually automatically classified as protective eyewear by OSHA, ensuring that they provide the necessary standard of protection for workplace safety.


Safety glasses are a vital part of workplace safety, not just for a job in a hazardous environment but also for completing household tasks such as woodworking and lawn mowing. Offering extra protection and comfortable adjustments, safety glasses can also be tailored to provide core vision needs. With a range of options available, these glasses are an indispensable part of protecting your eyes on-the-job.

Protect Your Eyes: The Benefits and Necessity of Wearing Safety Glasses On-the-Job